Free Jazz Meeting Baden Baden '67

Free Jazz Meeting Baden Baden '67 CD Cover
  1. Andalusian Proverb [5:41] (Gunter Hampel, Jeanne Lee)
    • Jeanne Lee (voc)
    • Albert Mangelsdorff (tb)
    • Gunter Hampel (vib)
    • Buschi Niebergall (b)
    • Pierre Courbois (d)
  2. Cubis [4:15] (Marion Brown)
    • Marion Brown (as)
    • Peter Kowald (b)
    • Sven-Åke Johansson (d)
  3. Jepa [5:34] (Albert Mangelsdorff, Evan Parker)
    • Albert Mangelsdorff (tb)
    • Evan Parker (ss)
    • Peter Kowald (b)
    • John Stevens (d)
  4. Relationship [9:06] (Don Cherry, Even Parker)
    • Don Cherry (tp)
    • Evan Parker (ss)
    • Peter Kowald, Buschi Niebergall (b)
    • John Stevens (d)
December 16-18, 1967, SWF-Musik-Studio (Studios des Südwestfunks), Baden-Baden, Germany
  • Radio broadcast, Südwestfunk 1968
  • Collective personnel: Manfred Schoof, Don Cherry, Albert Mangelsdorff, Peter Brötzmann, Evan Parker, Marion Brown, Gunter Hampel, Fred van Hove, Irène Schweizer, Peter Kowald, Buschi Niebergall, Uli Trepte, John Stevens, Pierre Courbois, Sven-Åke Johansson, Mani Neumaier, Barre Phillips, Jeanne Lee, Francois Tusques
  • Produced by Joachim-Ernst Behrendt
  • More titles were recorded and broadcast
  • "Cubis" (presumably a misspelling of "Cubic") is the same composition as "QBIC" on Porto Novo
Source: KMS, HM