World Pacific Records Listing

This list focuses on releases of ethnic music, and Indian classical music in particular. Compiled by Karl-Michael Schneider.

This is not a catalog. This is a discographical tool for researchers. I have no idea how to obtain these records.

World Pacific Artist Title
WP-1248 Ravi Shankar India's Master Musician
WP-1278 Kimio Eto Koto Music
WP-1401 Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks The 2,000 Year Old Man
WP-1402 Jimmy Witherspoon There's Good Rockin' Tonight
WP-1403/WPS-21403 Chatur Lal The Drums Of India
WP-1405 Roy Harte & Milt Holland Perfect Percussion
WP-1407 Bruce Spencer The Best of Crazy Ads
WP-1409   Poetry and Jazz
WP-1410 Ben DiTosti Carnival
ST-1411/WP-1411 Bobby Montez Pachanga Y Cha Cha Cha
WP-1412 Laurindo Almeida Brazilliance, Vol. 1
WP-1413 Gerald Heard Explorations Vol. 1
WP-1414 Olguita & The Charanga Kings Pachanga, Anyone?
ST-1416/WP-1416 Ravi Shankar Improvisations
WP-1417 Gerald Heard Explorations Vol. 2
ST-1418/WP-1418 Sharan Rani The Music Of India
ST-1419/WP-1419 Laurindo Almeida & Bud Shank Brazilliance, Vol. 2
WP-1420 Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Deep Meditation
ST-1421/WP-1421 Ravi Shankar In Concert
ST-1422/WP-1422 Ravi Shankar India's Master Musician
ST-1423/WP-1423 Kimio Eto Japanese Koto Music
ST-1424/WP-1424 Kimio Eto/Bud Shank Koto & Flute
ST-1425/WP-1425 Laurindo Almeida & Bud Shank Brazilliance, Vol. 3
ST-1426/WP-1426 Balachander Magic Music From South India
ST-1427/WP-1427 Sarita Heredia Flamenco Fire!
ST-1428/WP-1428 Kimio Eto Koto Master
ST-1430/WP-1430 Ravi Shankar India's Master Musician Recorded in London
ST-1431/WP-1431 Ravi Shankar Ragas & Talas
ST-1432/WP-1432 Ravi Shankar Portrait Of Genius
WPS-21433/WP-1433 Ali Akbar Khan North Indian Master Of The Sarod
WPS-21434/WP-1434 Ravi Shankar Sound Of The Sitar
WPS-21435/WP-1435 Ali Akbar Khan Sound Of The Sarod
WPS-21436/WP-1436 Balachander Sound Of The Veena
WPS-21437/WP-1437   Drums Of North & South India
WPS-21438/WP-1438 Ravi Shankar Three Ragas
WPS-21439/WP-1439 Kimio Eto Sound Of The Koto
WPS-21440/WP-1440 M.S. Subbulakshmi The Sounds Of Subbulakshmi
WPS-21441/WP-1441 Ravi Shankar In New York
WPS-21442/WP-1442 Ravi Shankar At The Monterey International Pop Festival
WPS-21443/WP-1443 Kinichi Nakanoshima Koto & Flute
WPS-21444/WP-1444 Ashish Khan Young Master Of The Sarod
WPS-21445/WP-1445 Paul Horn Cosmic Consciousness
WPS-21446/WP-1446 Maharishi Mahesh Yogi  
WPS-21447/WP-1447 Paul Horn Paul Horn in India (ragas for flute & veena)
WPS-21449/WP-1449 Ravi Shankar In San Francisco
WPS-21450/WP-1450 K. V. Narayanswamy Carnatic Music
WPS-21451 T. Viswanathan South Indian Flute
WPS-21452 Brij Bhushan Kabra Two Raga Moods On Guitar
WPS-21453 Buddy Rich And Alla Rakha Rich à la Rakha
WPS-21454 Ravi Shankar Charly (Soundtrack)
WPS-21455 Maharishi Mahesh Yogi The Seven States Of Consciousness
WPS-21456 Ramani The Soul Of Indian Flute
WPS-21457 Balachander Man From Madras
WPS-21458 Alla Rakha Tabla!
WPS-21459 Ashish Khan California Concert
WPS-21461 Lakshmi Shankar The Voice Of Lakshmi Shankar
WPS-21463 M.S. Subbulakshmi In Concert From Her American Tour
WPS-21464 Ravi Shankar A Morning Raga / An Evening Raga
WPS-21465 Satya Sai Baba Chants the Bajans
WPS-21466 Ashish Khan & Ravi Shankar Song Of God - Bagavad Gita
WPS-21467 Ravi Shankar At The Woodstock Festival
WDS-26200   The Anthology Of Indian Music, Volume One
WDS-26201 Ravi Shankar Festival From India

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