SABA/MPS Records: Speakers Corner

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This is not a catalog. This is a discographical tool for researchers. I have no idea how to obtain these records.

Cat. NumberArtistTitleRec.
Saba 15035VariousPiano x 41963/64
Saba SB 15063 STNathan DavisThe Hip Walk1965
MPS 15069 STElsie BianchiThe Sweetest Sound1965
Saba 15122 STGustav BromSwinging The Jazz1967
MPS 15151 STMark MurphyMidnight Mood1967
SABA SB 15160 STKarel VelebnyNonet SHQ & Woodwinds1968
Saba 15165 STOrchester Roland KovacTrip To The Mars1968
Saba SB 15169 STNovi QuartetNovi In Wonderland1968
MPS 21 20682-2Dizzy Gillespie Reunion Big Band20th And 30th Anniversary1968
MPS 15.215Dave Pike SetNoisy Silence-Gentle Noise1969
MPS 15.248 STWolfgang DaunerThe Oimels1969
MPS 21 21963-1Orchester Erwin LehnColor In Jazz1973
MPS 68.170Monty AlexanderMontreux Alexander Live!1976
MPS 15508Rimona FrancisRimona Francis1977
MPS 15.527Joanne GrauerIntroducing Lorraine Feather1977

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