SABA/MPS Records: Polydor

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424 552-1Archie SheppLive At The Donaueschingen Music Festival1967
519 092-2Joe HendersonMirror Mirror1980
519 213-2Albert MangelsdorffAlbert Live in Montreux1980
519 216-2Baden PowellPoema On Guitar1967
813 962-1Christoph Spendel-Wolfgang Schlüter GroupSeptember Memories1983
815 671-1/-2Singers UnlimitedA Capella1971
815 672-1/-2Stephane GrappelliYoung Django1979
817 485-1/-2Alphonse MouzonBy All Means1980
817 486-1/-2Singers UnlimitedThe Singers Unlimited with Rob McConnell and The Boss Brass1978
817 487-1/-2Monty AlexanderMontreux Alexander Live!1976
817 488-1/-2George DukeI Love The Blues, She Heard My Cry1974
817 489-1/-2Oscar PetersonTristeza On Piano1970
817 490-1/-2Oscar Peterson-Milt Jackson QuartetReunion Blues1971
817 491-2Baden PowellTristeza On Guitar1966
817 863-1/-2Hank Jones-Tommy FlanaganI'm All Smiles1983
821 151-1/-2Monty AlexanderThe Duke Ellington Songbook1983
821 278-1/-2Charly AntoliniIn The Groove1972
821 279-1Volker KriegelTropical Harvest1975
821 280-1Baden PowelImages On Guitar1971
821 281-1Alphonse MouzonVirtue1976
821 282-1Albert MangelsdorffTrilogue - Live!1976
821 283-1Lionel Hampton with Milt BucknerAlive And Jumping1977
821 284-1/-2Didier Lockwood GroupLive in Montreux1980
821 285-1Mary Lou WilliamsBlack Christ Of The Andes1963
821 286-1/-2Singers UnlimitedFriends1976
821 287-1Oscar PetersonExclusively For My Friends Vol. III: The Way I Really Play1968
821 288-1Dexter GordonA Day In Copenhagen1969
821 289-1/-2Oscar PetersonMotions & Emotions1969
821 290-1Ella FitzgeraldSunshine Of Your Love1968
821 291-1/-2Count BasieBasic Basie1969
821 293-2Eddie Lockjaw Davis-Johnny GriffinTough Tenors Again 'N' Again1970
821 295-1/-2John HandyKaruna Supreme1975
821 303-1VariousViolin Summit1966
821 662-1/-2Dizzy Gillespie Reunion Big Band20th And 30th Anniversary1968
821 664-2George ShearingMy Ship1974
821 838-1George DukeLiberated Fantasies1976
821 839-1Monty AlexanderLove And Sunshine1974
821 841-1Oscar PetersonExclusively For My Friends Vol. I: Action1963
821 842-1/-2Oscar PetersonExclusively For My Friends Vol. II: Girl Talk1965-67
821 843-1/-2Oscar PetersonExclusively For My Friends Vol. IV: My Favorite Instrument1968
821 844-1Oscar PetersonExclusively For My Friends Vol. V: Mellow Mood1968
821 845-1Oscar PetersonExclusively For My Friends Vol. VI: Travellin' On1968
821 846-1/-2Oscar PetersonHello Herbie1969
821 847-1Oscar PetersonWalking The Line1970
821 848-1Oscar PetersonAnother Day1970
821 849-1Oscar PetersonTracks1970
821 850-1/-2Oscar Peterson Trio & Singers UnlimitedIn Tune1971
821 851-1Oscar PetersonGreat Connection1971
821 852-1Jean-Luc PontyOpen Strings1971
821 854-1Baden PowellApaixonado1973
821 855-1Baden PowellEstudos1970
821 856-1VariousFolklore E Bossa Nova Do Brasil1966
821 857-1Singers UnlimitedSentimental Journey1974
821 858-1Singers UnlimitedFeeling Free1975
821 859-1/-2Singers UnlimitedChristmas1971
821 860-1/-2Singers UnlimitedA Capella II1974
821 861-1Joe PassIntercontinental1970
821 862-1Eugen CiceroRokoko Jazz1965
821 863-1/-2Eugen CiceroCicero's Chopin1965
821 865-1Stéphane GrappelliAfternoon In Paris1971
821 866-2Baden PowellCanto On Guitar1970
821 867-1SupersaxChasin' The Bird1977
821 868-1/-2George Shearing Trio & Stephane GrappelliThe Reunion1976
821 869-1Volker Kriegel & Mild Maniac OrchestraElastic Menu1977
821 870-1Monty Alexander Featuring Ernest RanglinCobilimbo1977
821 872-1Singers UnlimitedEventide1975-77
821 873-1Volker KriegelHouse Boat1978
821 874-1SupersaxDynamite1978
821 875-1Monty AlexanderThe Way It Is1976
821 882-2Singers UnlimitedA Capella III1979
821 888-1/-2VariousTrombone Summit1980
821 893-1/-2Lee Konitz-Martial SolalDuo: Live at Berlin Jazz Days '801980
823 543-1/-2Rob McConnell & The Boss BrassPresent Perfect1979
825 194-2Count BasieHigh Voltage1970
825 195-1Earl Hines & Jaki ByardDuet!1972
825 955-2Stephane Grappelli & Diz Dizley TrioViolinspiration1975
827 239-2Don "Sugarcane" HarrisFiddler On The Rock1971
837 942-1/-2VariousJazz Meets The World1965-71
841 412-2Singers UnlimitedA Special Blend1975
843 035-2Jim HallIt's Nice To Be With You1969
843 107-2Attila Zoller - Hans Koller - Martial SolalZo Ko So1965
843 139-2VariousAlto Summit1968

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