SABA/MPS Records: Parallel Series by title

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20. Internationales Jazz Festival ZürichVarious197052029
25 Jahre Erwin Lehn und sein Südfunk Tanz OrchesterErwin Lehn197311008
A CapellaSingers Unlimited197114295
A Capella IISingers Unlimited197414317
A Capella IIISingers Unlimited197914331
A Special BlendSingers Unlimited197514323
Amazing StringsSvend Asmussen197414316
Baby Come BackAlphonse Mouzon197952033
Back AgainThe Hi-Lo's197814330
Changing ColorsNelson Riddle197114288
ChristmasSingers Unlimited197114296
CommunicationNelson Riddle197114289
Donau So BlueFriedrich Gulda-Albert Golowin197014004
Easy To LoveSingers Unlimited198014333
Encore! Vol. 3: Chord PunchMilt Buckner1966-7011011
Encore! Vol. 4: Nelson Riddle: Changing ColorsNelson Riddle197111012
Encore! Vol. 7: SmilesKenny Clarke-Francy Boland Big Band1968-6911015
Encore! Vol. 8: Basie's TimingCount Basie1969-7011016
Encore! Vol. 9: Live at Ronnie Scott'sKenny Clarke-Francy Boland Big Band196911017
Et Cetera - LiveWolfgang Dauner197352021
Et Cetera - LiveWolfgang Dauner197352021
EventideSingers Unlimited1975-7714324
Feeling FreeSingers Unlimited197514322
Folklore E Bossa Nova Do BrasilVarious196614102
Four Of UsSingers Unlimited197314312
Free OrbitPeter Herbolzheimer-Udo Lindenberg197014006
FriendsSingers Unlimited197614325
Giant CollectionVarious1968-7311004
GiantsStephane Grappelli & Jean-Luc Ponty1966-7911025
Glenn Miller 2000Big Band Baden Baden 52020
HarporhythmJonny Teupen197114285
Heidelberger Jazz Festival 1972Various 52017
Here And NowThe Third Wave1969/7014263
HighlightsEugen Cicero 11006
Inside: Missing LinkVolker Kriegel197252012
JankowskeyboardHorst Jankowski197114308
JankowskinetikHorst Jankowski197014273
Jazz - Made in GermanyVarious197852044
Jazz Meets The WorldVarious1965-7152023
Just In TimeSingers Unlimited197714328
Klavierspielereien mit Eugen CiceroEugen Cicero196512005
Live At The DomicileGerman All Stars197152009
Live at the Quartier LatinGeorge Gruntz Concert Jazz Band198052046
Message From GFriedrich Gulda 52039
MPS Jazz Sound '71Various1969-7013502
Musician Of Our Time Vol. 1Friedrich Gulda1970-7252030
Musician Of Our Time Vol. 2Friedrich Gulda1970-7252031
Musician Of Our Time Vol. 3Friedrich Gulda1965-7152047
Musician Of Our Time: Midlife HarvestFriedrich Gulda1965-7252016
My Kind Of SunshineThe MPS Rhythm Combination & Brass1970,7111013
New Violin SummitVarious197111009
NowThe Hi-Lo's198014332
Phantastic Stereo SoundVarious 14000
Piano GiantOscar Peterson1969-7111007
Piano Power!Various1965-7311005
Play HarpJohnny Teupen196614117
SoloJoachim Kühn 52037
Star EditionAlbert Mangelsdorff1968-7652034
Star EditionVolker Kriegel1971-7752035
Star EditionOscar Peterson1969-7152036
Star EditionAlphonse Mouzon1975-7752040
Star EditionPeter Herbolzheimer1970-7452042
Star EditionGeorge Duke1971-7652043
Stop My BrainVarious1968-7211000
Swinging The JazzGustav Brom196714122
Swings Tschaikowsky & LisztEugen Cicero1966-6752014
The Balkan In My SoulBenny Bailey And His Orchestra196814176
The Band: The Alpine Power PlantGeorge Gruntz Concert Jazz Band197252013
The Inner SourceGeorge Duke197111014
The Inner SourceGeorge Duke197111014
The Long Road To FreedomFriedrich Gulda197152005
The MPS Decade 1968-1978Various1968-7711022
The Singers Unlimited sing: Lennon, Paul McCartney & Duke EllingtonSingers Unlimited 11026
The Singers Unlimited with Rob McConnell and The Boss BrassSingers Unlimited197814329
The Sweetest SoundElsie Bianchi196514069
This Way OutJoachim Kühn Trio197352018
This Way OutJoachim Kühn Quartett197352018
Trip To The MarsOrchester Roland Kovac196814165
USA Jazz Live: Colorado Jazz PartyVarious197152019
Vienna RevisitedFriedrich Gulda196914226
Was ist Jazz?Joachim Ernst Berendt1964-7652026
Wild GooseAlbert Mangelsdorff196914229
Wonderful WorldSam Trippe And His Orchestra195914098
Zürich Jazz FestivalVarious197152008

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