SABA/MPS Records: US MPS Series

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20658Ben Webster-Don ByasBen Webster Meets Don Byas1968
20662Maynard FergusonTrumpet Rhapsody1967
20668Oscar PetersonExclusively For My Friends Vol. I: Action1963
20669Oscar PetersonExclusively For My Friends Vol. II: Girl Talk1965-67
20670Oscar PetersonExclusively For My Friends Vol. III: The Way I Really Play1968
20671Oscar PetersonExclusively For My Friends Vol. IV: My Favorite Instrument1968
20675VariousAlto Summit1968
20680Don CherryEternal Rhythm1968
20692Oscar PetersonExclusively For My Friends Vol. V: Mellow Mood1968
20693Oscar PetersonExclusively For My Friends Vol. VI: Travellin' On1968
20698Dexter GordonA Day In Copenhagen1969
20707Chicago Blues All StarsLoaded With The Blues1969
20712Ella FitzgeraldSunshine Of Your Love1968
20713Oscar PetersonMotions & Emotions1969
20723Oscar PetersonHello Herbie1969
20725Richard DavisMuses For Richard Davis1969
20726Freddie HubbardThe Hub Of Hubbard1969
20734Oscar PetersonTristeza On Piano1970
20739Dave Pike SetInfra-Red1970
20749Earl HinesFatha And His Flock On Tour1970
20868Oscar PetersonWalking The Line1970
20869Oscar PetersonAnother Day1970
20876St├ęphane GrappelliAfternoon In Paris1971
20879Oscar PetersonTracks1970
20905Oscar Peterson Trio & Singers UnlimitedIn Tune1971
20908Oscar Peterson-Milt Jackson QuartetReunion Blues1971
20909Red GarlandThe Quota1971
20913Monty AlexanderHere Comes The Sun1971
21281Oscar PetersonGreat Connection1971
21541The New Dave Pike Set & Grupo Baiafro in BahiaSalamao1972
21699-3/1VariousUSA Jazz Live: The Hymn1971
21699-3/2VariousUSA Jazz Live: Oleo1971
21699-3/3VariousUSA Jazz Live: Moten Swing1971
22 941Charlie MarianoHelen 12 Trees1976
25103Monty AlexanderWe've Only Just Begun1971
25123Don EllisSoaring1973
25124The MPS Rhythm Combination & BrassMy Kind Of Sunshine1970,71
25340George ShearingLight, Airy And Swinging1973
29686Kenny Clarke-Francy Boland Big BandAll Smiles1968
GR 22840Les Brown & His Band Of RenownToday1974
MC 20688Jan HammerMalma Malany1968
MC 22016Singers Unlimited with Art Van DammeInvitation1973
MC 25341Don EllisHaiku1973

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