Henry English: You See What I'm Trying To Say?

  • Marion Brown (as, comp)
  • Dave Burrell (p)
  • Norris "Sirone" Jones (b)
  • Bobby Kapp (d)
  • Henry English (dir, b-roll)
  • Joseph Shansky (cinematography, graphics)
  • Arthur Pellman (2nd camera, editor)
  • James Branon (chief editor, sound)
  • Laura A. Leavitt (editor, sound)
  • Roger Phillips (technical advisor)
  • John Craddock (faculty advisor)
  • Brian Kaufman (faculty advisor)
Documentary film on Marion Brown in New York, made by Henry English as a project at the 1967 NYU Summer Motion Picture Workshop. Includes shots of a studio session with Marion Brown, Dave Burrell, Sirone and Bobby Kapp.
Source: CJ, KMS