Free Soul Mind

Free Soul Mind CD Cover
  1. El Chicano: What's Going On [6:28] (Marvin Gaye-Al Cleveland-Renald Benson)
  2. Elaine Delmar: Alone Again (Naturally) [3:07] (Gilbert O'Sullivan)
  3. Terry Callier: Ordinary Joe [4:12] (Terry Callier)
  4. Terry Callier: Gotta Get Closer To You [3:21] (L. Wade-T. Callier-P. Knock)
  5. The Pointer Sisters: Waiting On You [3:33] (Melvin Ragin-Ruth Pointer)
  6. Reuben Wilson: Stoned Out Of My Mind [5:28] (Eugene Record-Barbara Acklin)
  7. Bo Diddley: Hit Or Miss [3:41] (Odetta F. Gordon)
  8. Marlena Shaw: Woman Of The Ghetto [6:01] (Bobby Miller-Marlena Shaw-Richard Evans)
  9. Archie Shepp: Attica Blues [4:47] (A. Shepp-W. Harris)
  10. Terry Callier: You Goin' Miss Your Candyman [7:18] (Terry Callier-Phyllis Braxton)
  11. The New Rotary Connection: Hey, Love [4:08] (Charles Stepney-Richard Rudolph)
  12. The Rotary Connection: Black Noise - Memory Band [3:38] (Stepney)
  13. American Gypsy: Golden Ring [4:22] (Steve Douglas-Joe Skeete)
  14. Rupert Holmes: So Beautiful It Hurts [5:18] (Rupert Holmes)
  15. The Pointer Sisters: Bring Your Sweet Stuff Home To Me [3:35] (S. Wonder-A. & B. Pointer)
  16. Jeffree: One Last Chance [3:29] (Jeffree-T. Harrison)
  17. Grady Tate: A Song Of Life [3:36] (Onaje Alan Gumbs-Rachiim Ausar Sahu)
  • MCA Victor MVCM-574 (J) (CD) [January 24, 1996] [cover]
Source: KMS, HM