CARMO Records Listing

Part of the Jazz Label Listings Project.

This list compiled by Karl-Michael Schneider.

This is not a catalog. This is a discographical tool for researchers. I have no idea how to obtain these records.

CARMO Artist Title
1 Egberti Gismonti Árvore
2 Egberti Gismonti Circense
3 Nando Carneiro Violão
4 Egberti Gismonti Kuarup
5 Egberti Gismonti Academia de Dancas
6 Egberti Gismonti Trem Caipira
7 Egberti Gismonti Nó Caipira
8 Carioca Carioca
9 Egberti Gismonti Amazonia
10 Egberti Gismonti Alma
11 Delia Fischer Antonio
12 Ernesto Snajer / Palle Windfeldt Guitarreros
13 Quarternaglia Guitar Quartet Forrobodó
14 Rodney Waterman / Doug de Vries Água e Vinho

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