Dutch BASF Jazz Series 1971-1974 Records Listing

The records in this list were produced by BASF in the Netherlands between 1971 and 1974 and document jazz in the Netherlands. Thanks to Marcel Michels for providing the list.

BASF Artist Title Rec. Rec. Location
14-25005-9 Harry Mooten Daar Waar De Molens Staan 1971 Soest, NL
15-25006-7 Carl Schulze Empty Hours 1972 Nederhorst den Berg, NL
14-25014-8 Sanny Day It's A Good Day 1972 Baarn, NL
10-25015-6 Kenny Rogers Francis Bay And His Orchestra (pseud.) 1970/71 (released 1972) Breda, NL
16-25063-6 Cees Smal Valerius Vandaag (Muziek uit de "Nederlandtsche Gedenck-clanck", 1626) 1972 Baarn, NL
16-25073-3 Leddy Wessel Five Just Us 1972 Baarn, NL
14-25074-1 Rein de Graaf Rein de Graaf - Dick Vennik Quartet: Departure 1972 Baarn, NL
14-25180-2 Theo Loevendie Theo Loevendie Consort: Chess 1972 Baarn, NL
14-25182-9 Leo Cuypers Leo Cuypers 1972 Baarn, NL
16-25184-5 Banten Banten 1972 Nederhorst den Berg, NL
16-25185-3 Joop Scholten The Guitarman And Friends 1972 Baarn, NL
11-25186-1 Frans Poptie Popcorn And Other Poppin' Things 1972 Nederhorst den Berg, NL
14-25189-6 Revival Jazzband The Revival Jazzband 1973 Blaricum
16-25201-9 Paul Ruys Plays And Sings For Sentimental Reasons 1973 Baarn, NL
14-25291-4 Sanny Day A Grand Day For S(w)inging 1973 Baarn, NL
14-25292-2 Frank van Lankeren Don't Worry 'Bout Me 1973 Baarn, NL
10-25293-0 Various Artists Voor Late Stereo Luisteraars (Five, Harry Mooten, Carl Schulze) 1973
16-25301-5 Diamond Five/Greetje Kauffeld Back Together 1973 Laren, NL
10-25313-2 Ger van Leeuwen/Jan Mol Jumpin' High (reissue of other label's recordings) 1952/53 (released 1973)
14-25484-4 Johnny Meyer In Swinging Amsterdam 1974 Baarn, NL
14-25553-0 Ria Joy/The Rinus Van Galen Quintet Enjoy Yourself 1974 Hilversum u. Baarn, NL

Recording studios:

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