John Jeremy: Jazz Is Our Religion (Video)

  1. That's enuff
  2. Now's the time
  3. Dean St. blues
  4. Alone again
  5. Livetime
  6. Jaygee blues
  • Johnny Griffin (ts, leader)
  • Dizzy Reece (tp)
  • Ignatius Quail (p)
  • Coleridge Goode (b)
  • Terri Quaye (conga)
  • Rudi Henderson (dr)
  • Jon Hendricks (voc)
  • The Clarke-Boland Band
  • Alan Shorter (tp)
  • Lol Coxhill (ss)
  • Art Blakey (dr, voice)
  • Sunny Murray (dr, voice)
  • Kenny Clare (dr, voice)
  • Guy Warren (dr, voice)
  • Ted Joans (voice, reading)
  • Rashid Ali (voice)
  • Marion Brown (voice)
  • Andrew Cyrille (voice)
  • Bill Evans (voice)
  • Jimmy Garrison (voice)
  • Dizzy Gillespie (voice)
  • Johnny Griffin (voice)
  • Jo Jones (voice)
  • Jon Hendricks (voice)
  • Blue Mitchell (voice)
  • Dewey Redman (voice)
  • Eddie Gomez (voice)
A distillation in images, words and music of the jazz life. With photographs by Valerie Wilmer, music by Johnny Griffin, big band tracks by the Clarke-Boland band, jazz poems by Langston Hughes and Ted Joans, read by the latter.
  • KAY Video Jazz 018KJ (UK) [cover]
Source: HM