Gunter Hampel: Inscapes

  1. Sonnenstrahlen
  2. Sonnenschein
  3. Pertidos
  4. Bahia
  5. Serenade
  6. Cavana
  7. Turbulence
  8. Waltz For 9 Universes
  9. Little Bird
  • Gunter Hampel (vibes, woodwind)
  • Jeanne Lee (voc)
  • Perry Robinson (cl)
  • Marion Brown (as)
  • Thomas Keyserling (woodwind)
  • Manfred Schoof (flg)
  • Albert Mangelsdorff (tb)
  • Barre Phillips (b)
  • Jack Gregg (b)
  • Steve McCall (d)
Soundtrack to a documentary on Hampel's paintings. "A detailed camera excursion by the painter through the bizarre world of his paintings (oil on canvas) which are being shown at exhibitions in Europe and the U.S.A." [MF]
  • Birth BVNT05 (D)
Source: MF